Renée Koudstaal Le Style Parisien

Photo Aline Rachedi

I Paris (so much I even love the Parisians)

I moved to this beautiful city when I was 18 (yes, like in the Aznavour song) . Immediately, I felt those French genes in my blood were back home.

While working in the fashion, beauty, media and political spheres of Paris by running my own high-end event company, I lived the most Parisian life you can imagine turning me into the Parisienne I am today.

I now live in two cities.  Amsterdam, where I raise my two beautiful sons, Paris to pick my moments of freedom.  And we are lucky enough to travel a lot. But wherever I am, I always carry Paris with me.

I decided to share my passion for refinement with all Parisians- at heart around the world, of which I am sure you are one of.

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Bienvenue !

ps. by the way, I am not perfect and I don’t mind (doesn’t that sound Parisian ? ). I have two sons from two different dads, my  English has a little accent (that you can sometimes even read) my wardrobe is a mess, I am over 40 and do have wrinkles, I am not good at doing the household (sorry honey), my underwear does not always match, I never entered a gym (yet),  me driving creates life-threatening situations… And, most of all, I dislike perfectly styled blogger profiles.