Disclosure & credits

All pictures on this site have been taken by myself, if not I have stated the name of the photographer or owner of the image. I always try to link to the owner. If somehow an image is not or wrongly credited, let me know and I will change it asap. I generally always agree if you want to use my pictures for a non-commercial use, but please send me an email to ask for approval beforehand, I will reply promptly. Always credit Renée Koudstaal // Le Style Parisien with a link to this blog.  I am eager to discuss commercial use of my pictures or any opportunity to shoot new ones for your specific projects. The same goes for my texts.

I will only publish posts about things I like or really want to share with my followers. I do work with brands and sometimes use affiliates, meaning I receive a commission if you click on links or buy products, but again: nothing I wouldn’t buy or like myself.

Feel free to contact me any time, (according to my family, I am connected 24/7).