10 gifts from Paris, delivered at your doorstep

Let Christmas be an excuse to offer yourself or your loved ones a little piece of Paris. I have done some shopping for you to make a highly Parisian selection of ideas: the Parisian wishlist. All of these gifts can be ordered online (just click on the images) and shipped to your home right in time!

Confiture Parisienne

While shopping at the Grande Epicerie I discovered these beautifully designed jars. Quite a surprise to find out it was jam (not caviar) and even a bigger surprise when I discovered the taste. Confiture Parisienne //Or Noir 18,90 €


Cire Trudon

These candles and fragrances are made in Normandy but you will find them in any refined place in Paris. Putting a Cire Trudon in your home is liking saying: “I know what pure luxury is all about”. Cire Trudon // Candle Etoile 75 €


The French ABC

The Frenchwords team is known for sharing beautiful French words on social media. You can also buy great gifts for French language lovers on their online shop. Like the French ABC. Guess what P stands for… A2 format high-quality print for 35 €.Frenchwords.


Ateliers Auguste

Laurent and Xavier make practical, timeless, handmade bags and accessories in the 11th arrondissement, near to metro Philippe Auguste. No more need to say ‘”ugly but useful” when you are looking for ways to make your city life easier.Les Ateliers Auguste // Turenne Ipad sleeve 80 €.



Affordable jewelry that will stay with you for life. Camille creations are an absolute hit in Paris. Some of her products are even on a waiting list… I love her sets of thin rings you can mix yourself.  Each ring is made of  18 carats gold. Lõu.Yetu // 25 € /ring.

Portrait of a Lady

This perfume comes in a book-shaped box, as part of the Editions de Parfums de Frederic Malle.  I perfectly remember the moment I discovered this fragrance. My friend Kattia arrived in Normandy for a girls-only weekend, I instantly fell in love with Portrait of a Lady. An expensive addiction but a joy every single day. Frédéric Malle. //255 $ / 50 ml.

ps. on Frederic Malle’s website you can find your perfume signature by answering a few questions

Emoi Emoi

 Of course, the marinière just had to be part of my gift selection.  This online brand sells clothes for the whole family, including “papi et mami” (granddads and grandmas). Try to resist not to buy anything else :). Emoi Emoi // 65 €.

Giant Paris coloring poster

Just when I told my son he was not allowed to draw on the wall, he got this giant coloring poster for his birthday… We spent hours choosing colors, talking about Paris, naming the monuments and actually bought a new one when it was ready. Omy // 9,90 €

A Paris city guide

I will write a post later about the city guides I recommend to discover Paris. This one is one of my favorites and not just because Pauline is Dutch. We share this passion for design and aesthetics, also when it comes to places we visit. Her not being Parisian and all her travels around the world make her selection of hotspots very special. Petite Passport // 19,90 €

(If you are too late with Christmas shopping, you can still buy the online version)

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Anything you would like to add to your ideal Parisian wishlist ?

Text by Renée Koudstaal

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