10 reasons why Claire Underwood looks so Parisian (and 2 why she doesn’t)

House of Cards season 6 or not ? This post might help out Kevin Spacey since it focuses on Claire. Mrs Underwood is the most perfect example of how to be Parisian even if you are not. 

Here are  10 reasons why Claire Underwood looks so Parisian.

1. Her short hair cut.

10 reasons why Claire Underwood looks so Parisian

Less is more could not be more appropriate.  It might look like a practical, easy going hair style but it actually needs quite some care.  Paris is one of the few cities that understands how to cut short hair, I personally go to Studio Marisol in the third arrondissement (more about her later).

2. Claire seems to be sexually liberated

10 reasons why Claire Underwood looks so Parisian

Which is one of the rumours spread about the Parisiennes. I will not comment but just share some statistics.  The French actually recently made a survey about the sexlife of Parisians that showed, among others, that 43 % of men and 17 % of women in Paris have had sex with more then two persons at the same time. As we all know, style is all about attitude. (Source Le Figaro Santé)

3. Claire never wears primary colours

claire underwood colours

At least I have not been able to find one episode in which she does, did you ? She seems to perfectly combine the typical Parisian colour palette of greys, beiges, navy blue, black and white. And burgundy red only for very special occasions.

4. She goes for qualitative fabrics without patterns

style claire underwood

That’s 2 out of the many things we can learn from a Parisienne’s wardrobe. Leather, wool, silk, it makes such a difference, even on tv. One of my absolute favourites is the grey cashmere robe, being confy ok but never forget about style, you never know who sees you.

5. She sleeps with a politician

My Parisian friends are gonna kill me for this one but let’s be honest, Parisiennes like Julie Gayet and Carla Bruni confirm the rule that power can be very attractive (and overrules looks).

6. She smokes and drinks wine

10 reasons why Claire Underwood looks so Parisian
And she does not drink and smoke cigarettes only with Frank Underwood which brings us to number 7…

7. Claire has  lovers

10 reasons why Claire Underwood looks so Parisian

Ok, she kills one of them, something Parisiennes rarely do.

8. She excels in minimalistic accessories

No bling-bling for Claire. A pearl necklace, a diamond pair of earrings, a slim wedding ring,  a black handbag, a touch of Chanel 5….she makes it look so easy to be refined. In reality each detail counts. The only exception is her husband.

9. Claire looks perfectly styled for each  situaties

…by sporting wearing full black, travelling in cashmere, sleeping in silk and looking very serious at work with her glasses. Never a bad hair day, never any style missteps, nearly too perfect for a Parisienne.


10. She hardly ever smiles

Especially if she has to force herself, like when the presidential picture is taken.

10 reasons why Claire Underwood looks so Parisian

Unfortunately, two things make her so non Parisian: she drinks take away coffee instead of having an espresso at home or in a café. And her French did not sound French in season 3, episode 4. I am sorry Claire, being Parisian is so much more then just wearing the right clothes.

Do you see any other Parisian aspects I have missed out on ?

ps. I love this interview about her style by Garance Doré.

Text by Renée Koudstaal

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