15 – minutes fish recipe to impress

Its what France calls “la rentrée”. The moment after the endless two months holidays during which the whole country has simply been put on hold. And every year again, it feels like a whole new start. A new opportunity to do things better. Like eating healthy…

For us this rentrée is very special. Going back to normal life but now with Jim going to school and Mathis celebrating his 8 weeks old anniversary, nights without much sleep and my loved one who starts a new job. Perfect moment for a little-effort-great-result recipe. Preparing this meal felt like being somehow in control of one of the most hectic rentrées we have had up till now.

This recipe needs only a few ingredients, not much time or effort and can be prepared in advance. Give it a try and let me know whether it was a success for you as well.

Shopping list ( for 2 persons, preparation 15 minutes, cooking 4m30)
– Two filets of any white fish you like: hake, bream trout, or cod. Fresh or frozen.
– 1 lemon
– 1 zucchini, some carrots, 1 leek, 1 bell pepper (of any color), 1 onion, some sugar snaps (and add any other vegetable left in your fridge)
– Basics you should have at home anyway: dried thyme, pepper, salt (ideally a coarse salt like sel de Guerande), olive oil, white wine, lemon

#1. Chop all vegetables In small strips ( to make a Julienne, I will write more about this later in another post)
#2. Cook these vegetables 3 minutes in boiling water in which you added a bouillon cube
#3. Place a mix of vegetables and colors in each plate and add the fish filet on top of it
#4. Quarter and deseed the lemon and squeeze some juice over the filet
#5. Add olive oil, some white wine, salt and pepper.
#6. Place as a final touch a sprig of thyme and an unsqueezed quarter of lemon next to the fish
#7. Cover the whole with a plastic foil, keep it in the fridge for later or heat it in the microwave for 4m30 (900 watt) with fresh fish, if frozen approx. 6 minutes. (be careful while unwrapping)

Can be served as such, or with rice or mash potatoes if needed. Don’t forget to share the result with me !

Text & photos by Renée Koudstaal

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