My selection of French summer basics

There are no official figures but according to my own research among many Parisian wardrobes I peeked into (a weird thing to do but my friends are now used to it) I guess about 80% of pieces are basics.

It took me some years to learn but now that I master the art of choosing the right ones, I can confirm that each and every piece makes me happy over and over again. And guess what, basics never get boring. Did you ever hear someone saying: oh no not that white t-shirt again…

These are the basics you can start with to get ready for spring and summer.

White t-shirt
Oh the white t-shirt, always playing hard to get. Especially for this piece, it’s all about quality. Check the fabric, the stitches, the cut…(and avoid deodorant leaving those yellow stains). Ideally, you would need a white tank top, a short and a long sleeved t-shirt. Of course, the star among the stars is Petit Bateau, but also have a look at the brand Majestic Filatures, it’s their thing and you cannot go wrong.

A model wearing a white shirt of Majestic Filatures

Picture: Majestic Filatures

Dark Blue jeans
Only a few brands manage to find this magical, perfect mix of cut, fabric, colour, fit for jeans. APC (hardly anyone bothers to know but it stands for Atelier de Production et de Création if you want to show of at a Parisian dinner). This is my basic jean I could buy over and over but actually wear till its last “fiber”.

A model wearing jeans from APC

Picture: APC

The easiest thing to do would be going straight to Burberry. But many other brands sell this timeless raincoat-you-don’t-wear-when-it-rains (trust me I am Dutch). Tara Jarmon for example, or Comptoir des Cottoniers.

Model wearing trench coat of Comptoir des Cotonniers

Picture: Comptoir des Cotonniers

Breton shirt
Breton striped items are my uniform. I own them in all shapes, fabrics, sizes…Saint-James and Armor Lux are the most well known but also check brands such as Baie des Caps (no eshop, you will have to go to the shop in Brittany, which I did when I made my Breton shirt pilgrimage last summer) and Maison Labiche.

Breton sweater

Picture: Renée Koudstaal

White trousers
Whether you choose white jeans or white linen long loose trousers, you will never regret. I spotted this high-waist model at Les Coyotes de Paris (which is a brand actually like me, looking French but designed in Amsterdam)

Model wearing white trousers Les Coyotes de Paris

Picture: Les Coyotes de Paris

Long summer dress
A bohemian chic look, whether it’s time for the beach or, with some accessories, cocktails. (Or both). Soeur is a beautiful brand, run by the sisters Domitille et Angélique Brion, created in Paris in 2008. Their dresses are timeless and qualitative pieces.

A model wearing a dress from Soeur

Picture: Soeur

Linnen shirt
Of course we all know about the importance of the white shirt don’t we? How about a linen shirt in this olive colour which matches almost every other piece in your wardrobe.

A model wearing olive shirt from Officine Generale

Picture: Officine Générale

Summer starts the day we can wear our sandals again.  Don’t be tempted by too many added details,the golden rule: as simple as possible!  The “expert” brand of sandals would be Les Tropeziennes but other brands like Jonak offer some nice ones as well.

Open sandals cognac Jonak

Picture: Jonak

Enjoy the summer! Bel été! And if you spot any other summer basics let me know!

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