7 trendy French singers you just have to know

If you would like to push the refresh button when it comes to your knowledge of French music, this article may help. While many parties in France still end with Claude Francois or Dalida, there are so many new French talents, it is too bad to miss out on any of them. I have made a list of what my friends and I are currently listening to.
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Petit Biscuit
Mehdi Benjelloun was born in 1999 in Rouen and is one of the most promising French electro artists du moment. Mehdi got his baccalaureat last year and is now studying at Paris Dauphine University. “Presence” is his first album and there might be a concert near your home in 2018 during his tour. All tour dates on his website.

Katchi (Ofenbach vs Nick Waterhouse)
Ofenbach is a Parisian French DJ duo, consisting of Dorian Lo and César de Rummel. They named their “band” after the composer Offenbach (records they found at home) and their hit “Be Mine” made them gain support from the biggest DJs ever like Tiesto and Sinclair.

The first time my friend Mathieu advised me to listen to this artist, I had this Back to the Future impression. In French, we call it an “OVNI”, a UFO, something coming out of space, but let’s sometimes step out of our comfort zone.

Vianney Bureau, alias Vianney, born in 1991, was elected singer of the year during the French Music Awards called Les Victoires de la Musique. “Pas là” (love the clip !) was his big hit in 2014, and his song “Je m’en vais” was a huge success in 2017.

France discovered Louane in 2015, she simply won a César and she made her first album called Chambre 12 which was all over the place.  Oh and she also participated in The Voice. Her second album just came out in October 2017, with this beautiful song (try not to cry).

Loane (so not Louane)
Loane is a Parisian singer and songwriter and made her first album in 2008. She has worked with artists like Christophe and Lenny Kravitz. “Jamais seule” is her most known track but I prefer “Danser” from the same album.

One name, two singers: Aurélie Saada and Sylvie Hoarau, (check out their neo-hippie look) might not be as known in France as they should be. “Brigitte is retro, our style it’s the 50s, it’s French, it’s Brigitte Bardot, it’s Brigitte Lahaie, the aunt that cooks, the cousin’s wife. Brigitte is the woman in plural”

With special thanks to Hanneke, Raphaelle, Sandy et Mathieu ! Bisous

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