Absolute myths about La Parisienne

Reading all books and articles written about la Parisienne would be a full time job. The more I read,  the more I get somehow uncomfortable, it seems as if the Parisian woman is turned into a concept instead of a beautiful source of inspiration based on actual people…Time for a reality check !

I set up of a list of the most commons things said about la Parisienne and tested it during a dinner in Paris last week. OMG we have been laughing so much !

This is how my dearly loved, very Parisian friends reacted:

1. They always look perfect:

” no not always, but if I don’t my doctor gives me antibiotics and a stay at home note. Wow, maybe that’s why French economy is slow ” – ” we look as horrible as anyone else but we care less, which might be the best way to start looking great”

2. French children are well educated and stay at the table for hours:  

” they are not well educated but we make them feel as being non stop on parole”

 ” what’s the word for terror in english ?” –  ”  ever heard of super glue  ?”

3. They all know how to dress:

” we actually all  copy from this one good friend who we think looks like a Parisienne. She must be reading all those articles about the look Parisien in foreign media”

4. They age well:

” we just accept and compensate by other aspects in life like alcohol, sex and drugs”  – “we dim lights wherever we go and only go to obscure places like cinema and cabarets “

5. They don’t wear make up:

“what ??? I am spending millions of euros and the world does not notice ?”  – ” finish your sentence: at night, right ?”

6. They spray perfume in their handbag :

“We have never ever seen anyone doing that in our whole Parisian life. (..Renee did find a mouse in her Prada bag though, she might spray some Poison de Dior)”

7. La Parisienne has a full time job, runs a  perfect household with 4 kids and is an excellent lover:

 “This is called ” delegation”, except for the lover – part, at least that’s what I hope. “

8. Parisians are rude and arrogant to foreigners:

” That’s so untrue, I always fully ignore them”

9.They never smile:

” those are wanne be Parisians”  – ” they are alle playing the same game, the first one who smiles has to look sad for a day”

10. They drink lots of wine which keeps them young :

” nope, well yes, we agree with the wine drinking part,  since we are all depressed right, we have to drink to be able to laugh, and laughing helps us getting rid of wrinkles, which makes us look young….” – ” we try to die young in order not to look old”

The writing of this post has been the best anti wrinkle cream ever. Merci mes amies. Of course, some things about la Parisienne are true, keep on reading my blog !

Any other stereotype ideas about la Parisienne you can think of, drop me a line below.

Text by Renée Koudstaal

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  1. aura says on 9th October 2017

    Sooooo funny!!!!! Merci for putting all the perfection into a new perspective 🙂

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