Crêpes party: enjoy cooking with your children

Maman!! Je veux des crêpes!! *Which is great since maman just LOVES crêpes.  Because I know this means hearing Jim and my loved one laughing and having so much fun in the kitchen. And seeing those big blue eyes of Jim who keeps on being so impressed when Dirk  flips the crêpes (almost) perfectly. Time to have some fun, here is our favourite recipe.

Even though it might look easy, it  does require a few skills  to make the perfect crêpes. Thank God Jim does not go for perfect, just for loads and loads of maple sirup on top. 4 tips to keep in mind though: 1. use a real crêpe pan 2. make a hole in the middle of the flower in which you add the eggs, salt and sugar 3. don’t use butter but grease the pan with just a little bit of sunflower oil on  kitchen paper 4. ideally let the dough rest for an hour before baking.

Ingredients for 10 crêpes:

250  gr flower, 2 eggs, 0,5 l milk (no low fat), salt, sugar, oil (sunflower preferably)
  • Put the flower in a bowl and make a hole in which you add the eggs, salt and sugar.
  • Let the liquid dough rest for an hour.
  • Grease and preheat the pan (high temperature). Add the dough by making circular movements, cover the whole bottom of the pan with a thin layer. ( this is precisely the part which needs some trial & error)

And let the fun get started: if you can flip the crêpe, it’s ready!

(I  have actually never ever seen any french person flipping any crêpes in my whole life, but let’s keep this fun part in)

Except for salty caramel, the French never put any salty toppings on crêpes, that’s what galettes are for ( I will share that recipe later).  The French generally stick to loads of butter and loads of sugar (that’s the healthy version) but you can vary with Nutella (with or without banana to feel less guilty) or jam or even try a Crêpe Suzette (Jim just loves the ignition part).

To get inspired by the world of crêpes, check out the website of Breizh Cafe, with restaurants in Paris, Saint Malo, Cancale and….Tokyo. Where else 🙂

* Mama I want to eat crêpes !

Text & images by Renée Koudstaal, Cast: Dirk & Jim

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  1. Lejeune says on 16th October 2017

    Come to my place next time you’ll see a real Parisian’s family making crêpes from my step father (he likes it with a little bit of rhum) to my son lucas who prefers with beer 😉

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