When I say Roger Vivier…

When I say Roger Vivier deneuve

Some might think of Ines de la Fressange, being the ambassador of this very Parisian shoe brand for several years now. It actually reminds me of Catherine Deneuve, in the movie Belle du Jour wearing a pair of Vivier shoes.

Maybe this historical link with cinema made the brand decide to ask French actress Ana Girardot to be the new face of the Spring 2018 campaign. And guess what, she loves Deneuve as much as I do:

“I’ve always admired Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour, wearing her Belle Vivier pumps and strolling along with the elegance of a ballet dancer ” she explains in a Vogue interview. “This was such an iconic moment for me. It’s the idea that the Parisienne has a very specific silhouette, and the way you walk defines the woman you want to be—for this, you need amazing shoes.”

Ok, she might be slightly influenced by her new mission in life but still, the Roger Vivier shoes with the buckle are indeed part of the Parisian style scene. Here is a selection of models I particularly like.

Tip: step into the Roger Vivier flagship store in Paris, 29 Rue Faubourg Saint Honore, it’s designed like a gallery, with shoes and bags matching the artwork (or is it the other way around?).

Text by Renée Koudstaal, main picture by Sonia Sieff.

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Perfect for your little black dress.


I would wear these with a basic outfit, like jeans and white shirt. (sold out…)

Full black outfit, including black tights and just these shoes as the killing detail.


If you have black 3/4 skinny jeans, these shoes would add the finishing touch.

Don’t wear anything that would distract from these shoes, easy to be overdressed. Try to match jewelry.

Can’t wait for the summer to be back…

Absolute basics, quite impossible to make a style misstep with these.



Don’t wear skin colored tights, just be patient and wait for summer!

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