5-Star Hotel Le Ritz’ garage sale at Artcurial

Ritz auction artcurial Paris

The Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées has many treasures, not always easy to find. One of them is the beautiful Hotel Marcel Dassault, the Parisian headquarters of auction house Artcurial, on the corner of the Avenue Montaigne currently hosting the auction of 5-star hotel The Ritz’ furniture.

The big fences covered in gold might discourage you from entering but you really should go inside to discover a breathtaking Parisian apartment. (without mentioning the hidden Italian restaurant inside, sshhh, don’t tell anyone please). This weekend Artcurial put up for auction 3500 lots from successive redecorations from the 5-star hotel The Ritz at Place Vendôme. Which gave me the opportunity to stroll around the most luxurious pieces of furniture the world has to offer. In full contradiction with the current trend of minimalism, I nearly saw more flowers, gold, velvet and crystal (often united in the same square meter) then one can bear.

The interior designer Vincent Darré has designed the scenography and he imagined an itinerary over three floors and 20 rooms such as La Suite Windor, Le Salon Chinois, La Galerie des Vitrines, Le Bar Vendôme and Le Ritz Health Club. If your home decor needs an upgrade, the auction itself takes place from April 17th till 21st.

Text and pictures: Renée Koudstaal
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The Ritz Paris auction Artcurial

The Ritz Paris auction Artcurial

The Ritz Paris auction Artcurial

The Ritz Paris auction Artcurial

The Ritz Paris auction Artcurial


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  1. Anne-Marie Holzapfel van der Heijden says on 17th April 2018

    What a pity.
    I would have loved to sleep in one of those bedrooms.
    A feast for the eyes.

  2. renee says on 25th April 2018

    Paris has many 5 star hotels to offer, with lots of luxury and comfort.. if I can be of any help in choosing the one that suits you best, let me know 🙂

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